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Audio Ransomware

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It appears that hackers have once again upped their game when it comes to ransomware. Now not only are your files held hostage until you pay up, it comes with a creepy voice message directly from the hackers themselves.

Reports are coming in of a new program called Cerber that installs three files named “# DECRYPT MY FILES #” on a victim’s desktop. The first two are TXT and HTML based, while the third is a Visual Basic script. It's this third one where things get weird. When a user clicks on it, an audio file repeats over and over telling you that all your files have been encrypted and the only way to retrieve them is to pay up.

While it is likely that Cerber originated with one of the numerous Eastern European hacker group, its developers are unknown. What is clear is that they did so in order to sell it to anyone who wants to use it in order extort money from innocent victims. With this new tool, anyone can take over someone else’s computer if they are willing to pay for the program, without ever having to learn how to write computer code.

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