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Art Lovers Hacked

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Do you love art?  Patreon, a crowdfunding website for people to support artists they like, was hacked late last week.

About 15 gigabytes of data was released online by hackers today.  The data included user data and the source code of the website.  This includes artist and donor identities, email addresses, passwords and private messages between users.  The usernames and passwords are a particular danger, as many people use the same login information on multiple websites.  To that end, if you have any kind of account with Patreon, it's strongly suggested that you change passwords for other websites as well.

The passwords are encrypted, but that encryption can be hacked, and you should assume it will happen.  The same goes for stored Social Security numbers and tax information.

Credit card numbers were not stored on the server, according to a message released by Patreon.