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Antivirus Software Lets PCs Get Hijacked

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A recently-discovered vulnerability in Trend Micro's Antivirus allows can allow hackers to gain command line access to computers running Windows operating systems.

The vulnerability exists in Trend Micro AV's Password Manager component.  If exploited, it wouldn't be hard for a hacker to get shell access to the at-risk computer.  This would allow the hacker to have complete control of the computer.  They could do anything from install malware to wipe out the computer entirely.  

The Password Manager was also coded in a way that would allow a hacker to steal any passwords, even encrypted ones, that are stored in a web browser on a compromised machine.

The exploit was discovered by Google's Project Zero and reported to Trend Micro, who promptly released a patch.  If you use Trend Micro AV, you need to make sure to update it ASAP.