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Antisemetic Printer Hack

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Mysteriously, anti-Semitic flyers advertising a white supremacist website began showing up in the printer trays and fax machines of colleges around the country. After launching investigations, it was eventually revealed that all of the fliers were the result of the actions of a single hacker, but only after he came forward to take credit.

Going by the alias “weev”, Andrew Auernheimer, used freely available tool to search the internet looking for devices that he was able to remotely access. Within a matter minutes, Auernheimer had found close to 29,000 printers with a vulnerable open port connected to the internet.

Auernheimer stated that he didn’t see this as a security issue since he used the devices for essentially their intended purpose, that he was expressing a political message and the reaction it sparked goes against the idea of free speech. Though he did go on to say that his actions were an example of how in the future as more devices are designed to be internet ready, stunts like this will become more common and funnier.

Ultimately, regardless of his message, this is a testament to the lax security standards of the network administrators at many of the nation’s colleges. That said, when asked about Auernheimer’s actions, founder of The Daily Stormer, Andrew Anglin, said he approved.