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5 Trends in Internet Security

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As technology continues to grow at a breakneck rate, it can be a pain trying to keep up with ways to stay safe online. Of course there's the usual: don’t Skype with strangers, put some numbers after your dog’s name to make your password unbreakable... but here’s a list of actual trends to watch when it comes to cybersecurity:

Team Hacker

Hacking used to be more of a one man job, but cybercriminals today are forming teams to produce more efficient results. While breaching a company’s database used to be a “one-time heist” type of thing, it now is becoming more structured and the industry is growing in a way that resembles the way an actual business would grow.

The Unknowing Trojan

Bypassing security of large companies can be a lot more challenging and time consuming than that of a small one, usually consisting of a much lower level of security. Knowing this, hackers have begun using the “Trojan horse” method of setting their targets on small business partners as a way of eventually breaching the security of those small company’s larger, richer friends.

“How May I Assist You Today?”

When thinking of hired thugs, people typically have a certain stereotype that comes to mind- probably brought on by too many Bond movies. But internet security today is up against a different type of criminal. Hackers and cybercriminals are actually being hired to perform jobs, a lot of which is brought on by the networks of hackers discussed earlier.

The Bigger They Are…

…the harder they fall. The great thing about technology is that we’re incorporating it into every aspect of everything. With cars beginning to drive themselves, watches that can call people, and computers running entire companies, it’s getting pretty hard to find things that don’t involve technology. Even camping equipment is hi-tech, and that really kind of defeats the purpose. But the problem here is that when everything is connected to the internet, a well-executed cyberattack could be immeasurably effective in rendering defenses useless. Defending against attacks of this scale requires an entirely different type of army, and that leads me to the next problem.

The Best Defense is a Good IT Guy

But if there aren’t any IT guys left, you can just hire an undergrad proficient in Word and Excel, right? There is a shortage of professionals in this field that hasn’t been projected to change any time soon, even though the position is becoming more and more of a necessity. While this is a major problem, it also presents an opportunity for aspiring computer science students.