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250 Million Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and Other Usernames and Passwords

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Russian hackers have stolen over 250 million usernames and passwords for popular email providers, including Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Russia's own as well as Chinese and German accounts.

The stolen accounts break down as follows:

  • 57 million
  • Yahoo: 40 million
  • Hotmail: 33 million
  • Gmail: 24 million

A hacker who claimed responsibility claims to be giving the information away for free at his discretion.

A statement from Microsoft, owner of Hotmail, said that security measures were in place to detect compromises and that information verification should help owners retain control of their accounts.  Google, owner of Gmail, simply said they address abuse as fast as possible.

Yahoo and have not yet commented on this data breach.

In the meantime, if you use email with any of the companies mentioned, it would be prudent to change your passwords.