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US Nuclear Arsenal is Run on WHAT?

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The Government Accountability Office released a report with the not so subtle title of “Federal Agencies Need to Address Aging Legacy Systems”. Basically it discusses the ancient technology that some agencies still use, including some that are at least 50 years old. The craziest example of this is that the US’s nuclear arsenal is run by a computer that is so old it uses 8-inch floppy disks.

That particular system is the Pentagon’s Strategic Automated Command and Control System. It’s running on an IBM Series/1. We’re talking about a computer with 16K of memory that coordinates US nuclear forces, including intercontinental ballistic missiles and nuclear bombers.

According to the report, the Department of Defense has plans to update "data storage solutions, port expansion processors, portable terminals, and desktop terminals by the end of fiscal year 2017". This is after the Air Force told CBS news last year that having such ancient tech was a good thing as no hacker would be able to infiltrate it.