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Macs are More Secure... Right?

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For a long time, a big selling point for buying a Mac over a PC has ben that Macs are more secure and not susceptible to viruses. But when you take a look, Apple's got a pretty poor track record for keeping their computers safe.

Apple released a security update for their operating system a couple weeks ago that could allow hackers to take complete control of a computer.  That update, however, did not totally fix the problem.  This security hole has been known for at least six months.  Google alerted Apple to it in October then reported it publicly in January.  It's now April and the issue i still exploitable.

This isn't much of a surprise though, since Apple has a pretty bad track record when it comes to patching vulnerabilities.

Goto Fail

There was another security issue in 2014 that gave hackers access to communications sent from any Apple device, including bank transactions, emails, instant messages, Tweets and more.  It was quickly patched for iPads and iPhones, but a patch for computers wasn't available for another four days, even though an app developer had notified Apple about the issue four months prior.

Flashback Bug

The biggest hack attack on Apple to date occurred in 2012.  Flashback was a vulnerability in Java.  Oracle was quick to release a patch, but Apple, which uses a proprietary version of Java, took their time.

FinFisher Trojan

Another bug allowed law enforcement to spy on iPhone users for three years before Apple patched it.

As you can see, Apple seems to rest on their collective laurels when it comes to fixing security issues in their operating systems.  They didn't even have automatic updates until the end of 2014, something Microsoft has been doing for about fifteen years.