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You Need a vCIO

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A CIO, Chief Information Officer, is usually the top senior executive who is responsible for the IT in an organization.  In most cases they report directly to the CEO and work to make sure their IT strategy is in line with the goals of the organization.

A CIO is expected to have their finger on the pulse of the business in order to increase profits and reduce expenditures while making sure the organization is prepared for computer or network disasters.  A CIO often acts as a bridge between the IT department and everyone else, as there is often a bit of an understanding gap between IT and other departments.

CIOs are expected to have a good understanding of the organization's finances along with a clear understanding of the latest information technologies.  It's very demanding and sometimes high-stress job, requiring the CIO to wear several hats while balancing different responsibilities and trying to keep everyone moving down a central path.  

A CIO is not the same as a CTO (Chief Technology Officer), though the two are often lumped together.  A CTO focuses more on the technology an organization is using while the CIO is more attuned to how the technology is being used.  That may sound like a quibble, but it's a distinct difference.

With the specific balance of skills required by a CIO, it can be difficult finding the right one for your business.  That's what a vCIO, or Virtual CIO, comes in.  Every company, especially those that aren't sure they can support another high-level executive, can benefit from a vCIO, and Petronella Technology Group has a solution for you.  Contact us to find out more.