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Three Big Ways HaaS Will Improve Your Business

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Asking another company to supply your computing needs remotely over the internet may sound scary, but managed well it can show many benefits for your organization and contribute to its success. HaaS is Hardware-as-a-Service and it allows organizations to have access to the latest devices that you need to run your business. While there are many reasons to use HaaS, the following will not only help improve your business, but also give you piece of mind.

Money- Every company wants the best quality equipment and services, but not everyone, especially small or start-up businesses, want to spend the upfront costs for their technology. By using HaaS, you are renting or leasing at a lower monthly rate instead of paying a one-time upfront cost, which is more cost efficient and manageable for most. You will also save on taxes. Instead of paying a large tax on up-front costs associated with newer technology, it is a monthly operating expense. Also, if you become unsatisfied with your hardware or service, you are able to terminate that contract and continue running your company without losing money.

Security- One of the most vital things to your company is keeping information secure. By utilizing HaaS, you can be sure that the hardware or cloud provided is safe and secure with powerful firewalls, updated patches and maintenance, and virus scanning technology. Also, your provider is responsible for the physical security of hardware, such as theft, natural disaster, and melt downs.

Time & Space- Using HaaS can give back valuable office space to your organization, because there is the option to employ hardware off site, which enables employees to utilize that space for other important business matters. While your provider maintains and manages the hardware that you are going to be using, your company benefits by using that saved time on other activities that directly affect your business.

With Petronella Technology Group, your business can achieve these benefits and more with our CompleteCloud solution. Our Completecloud is a combination of HaaS and Managed Services in simple to understand packages. These packages offer subscriptions charged on a monthly basis and include all hardware, software, and support labor, as well as all software upgrades. All product packages replace the existing IT system with a full “refresh” at no capital cost. There is also never an hourly or per-call fee, even after hours! Our support is 24/7 for your convenience.

Visit our page on Cloud Computing or HaaS to see how Petronella Technology Group can help you or call 919-355-5545 to speak with a specialist.