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8 Benefits of Cloud Computing

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Surely by now you've heard about the cloud.  You might not even know exactly what it is, but chances are you've probably used it.  Here are eight benefits of using cloud computing.

Work Wherever

Simply put, cloud computing is working from programs or apps on the internet.  That means if you have an internet connection, you're able to work.  Many businesses allow employees to work remotely, which has been shown to increase productivity and employee satisfaction.  


Since all the apps your team uses are online, it's easier for them to edit and share documents better and more efficiently with the cloud.  Instead of having a document emailed and edited by multiple people, generating a number of different copies, everyone can work on one central file from everywhere. 


With cloud computing, it's easy to scale bandwidth up and down as your needs change.  If your company is growing and you need more bandwidth, you've got it.  If you're going through a slower period, you can scale back down.  You never have to worry about paying for more than you need or not getting enough.

Software Updates

Updates are critically important, especially since most updates include security patches to keep hackers and malware out of your system.  With the cloud, all of your software is stored in one place, so when one is updated, it's updated for everyone.  In the old days, software had to be updated on individual computers.  The cloud allows for easier updates, leading to increased security and productivity.


The cloud's advantage in security extends beyond software updates.  Lost laptops, phones and tablets are a major cause of data breaches.  Using the cloud, data isn't stored on the computer itself, so not only can you wipe anything sensitive off the lost hardware remotely, you also don't have to worry about losing the information you had on it.

Disaster Recovery

Building on the lost hardware issue, you never have to worry about all sorts of problems that lead to data loss.  Power outages, failing hard drives, computer crashes, hacks... none of these are nearly as big a headache when you're backing everything up on the cloud.  


Cloud computing reduces your hardware expenditures with pay-as-you-go subscriptions, which makes budgeting forecasts much easier.  Your IT costs can also be lower, because it's easy for us to set you up and monitor your network with cloud computing.

Save the Environment

Save money, empower your business and save the planet!  You leave a lower carbon footprint when you're able to scale your power usage up and down as needed instead of always running more than you need to ensure uptime.